Alpha 4

Alpha 4 patch notes:

-Added a simple dogfight mission to test the enemy AI.

-Added post-processing effect (FXAA, motion blur, bloom)

-continued to build the framework for a multiplayer mode (hopefully coming soon).

-Slightly changed some UI components.

-Created the framework for the single-player system (includes a stage selection map).

-Continued the framework for an exit plane feature for future multiplayer modes.

-Fixed a few camera related bugs.

-Fixed the terrain shadow flickering.

-Added a simple unpolished crash feature (only in Gun training for now)

-Music now persists through menus until flight.


-Fokker triplane clips through observation balloons.

-Unstable flickering materials


-Enemy aircraft AI

-Fixing bugs and camera glitches

-Basic networking

-New Missions

-Map assets

-Fokker monoplane


Alpha 38 MB
May 05, 2017

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